New Flexible Reach AdWords GDN Setting

I stumbled across an unannounced new AdWords GDN setting in one my my client accounts; it’s called Flexible Reach. It’s all a bit complicated when it comes to the Google Display Network, so below are the options you have within AdWords.

AdWords GDN Flexible Reach

AdWords GDN Flexible Reach

  1. Specific reach: Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods
    With this setting, your ad appears only when all your selected targeting methods match. The bid of the most specific targeting method is used.
    For example, if you have keywords and placements, your ad appears on those sites only when the pages also contain keywords you’ve selected. The placement bid (most specific bid) is used.
  2. Broad reach: Show ads on pages that match my primary targeting methodWith this setting, your ad appears when your primary targeting method matches. If you have more than one targeting method, the bid of the most specific targeting method is used.For example, if you have keywords and placements, the ad appears wherever the keywords (primary targeting method) match. When the keywords and placements match, the placement bid (most specific bid) is used.
  3. Flexible reach (NEW)
    Fine-tune where your ads show by choosing your settings at the ad group level instead of the campaign level. This will give you more control over where your ads appear and who sees them.Once you’ve selected this option, you can choose to use your targeting methods (such as placements or topics) for targeting your ads or for bidding only.

    • For new campaigns: This change will apply to all your ad groups.
    • For existing campaigns:
      • Your existing ad groups will keep your existing campaign setting (“Broad reach” or “Specific reach”), as long as you don’t add or delete targeting methods. If you make any changes to your targeting methods, the ad group will start using the new flexible reach setting.
      • All your new ad groups will have the flexible reach setting by default.

Refer to the Google help file if you need more info on the new Flexible Reach GDN option

*Let me know if you have tested this new option and have any findings to share. I would be interested to hear about creative implementations of the new targeting option. It appears to really open up the possibilities to customize targeting on a more granular level than before. This leads me to believe that AdGroup budgets are just around the corner.

Happy bidding!