My 5 Favorite PPC Copywriting Tips

These are some of my most used and most successful text ad phrases! You want to be sure to include more detailed information about the product you’re trying to sell, but these general phrases should help you fill in the blanks.

Let’s get to it!

Include Pricing
Only $9.95!
45% Off

Obvious Call to Action
Buy Now!
Order Online!
Click For More Options

Loyal Americans
Ships from Milwaukee
Made in USA

Cheap and Fast Gratification
Free Shipping!
Ships Today!
In Stock

Give Them Options
8 Colors Available
Customize Online
4 New Styles!

There you have it; couldn’t be more to the point. Now go write some new ads and make sure you’re experimenting with at least 2 ad variations at a time. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but I’ll hold onto them for now (search people are so private). These are just some basics that you can try out. If you have any questions – feel free to ask!