PPC Services

I offer three options to help you reach your goals through online marketing. Let’s see what we can achieve together.

PPC Management Service

I offer end-to-end PPC Management to select clients. Managing multi-million dollar paid search accounts keeps me busy during the day, but I often find time to help smaller businesses hit the ground running with their online marketing programs. Typical clients have monthly ad budgets from $5,000 – $75,000. But I am capable of handling well over $1 million ad spend per month.

  • PPC Account Architecture that the Egyptians would envy.
  • Ad Copy Development that will draw eyes to the ad and clicks to your website.
  • Budget Management that will make your accountant jealous.
  • Quality Score Optimization that will make Google angry, from lower CPCs.
  • Performance Reporting that will make your college statistics professor proud.


SEM Consulting Service

Not quite ready to invest $1000’s per month in ad spend? I offer a comprehensive consultation that will have you feeling more comfortable about paid search and online marketing. I will teach you the fundamentals of paid search and answer any questions along the way. We will develop scenarios and marketing plans that you can take to your business partners or investors. Estimates are just that, but they will help paint the picture of success for your business. I will help you plan and pitch search marketing to anyone, anywhere…because the return will be worth it to your company.


PPC Tune-up

Is your in-house search marketing team delivering the best results? Is your agency honest and using your marketing dollars the best way possible? I can help answer those questions. In a non-threatening audit, I can help you and your company discover efficiencies and extra profit that you didn’t know was possible. Whether your account is new or 6 years old, I can help mold or rebuild you PPC account to have the best architecture and quality score possible.

  1. Evaluate your needs.
  2. Propose a solution, with goals.
  3. You think that’s a great idea at a fair price!
  4. Get my hands dirty and do the work!
  5. Give all of my knowledge to your team.
  6. Your PPC guy is now Mr. PPC at the office.


Why Jordon?

Noteworthy Accounts: Best Buy, Globe University, Rasmussen College, CareFusion Healthcare, Aurora Healthcare, Zeon Solutions, Cooper Safety, Boelter Companies, and many more.

Industries Served: Higher Education, Consumer Electronics, Software Development, Digital Agency Services, Petroleum Equipment, Personal Safety Equipment (PPE), SaaS, Restaurant Equipment, Food Service Equipment, RFID Products, and other B2B and B2C eCommerce and Lead Generation accounts.

Habitats: Fortune 50 Marketing Team, Multi-national Digital Agency, Boutique Digital Agency, In-House Specialist, In-house Generalist, Freelance

Tools of the Trade: Marin Software – Certified Pro, Adobe Search Center, Acquisio, AdWords Desktop and UI, Bing Ads Desktop and UI, Google Analytics, Omniture, Excel, Wolfram Alpha Pro

Expert Management In: Google AdWords, BingAds, Facebook PPC, Facebook Retargeting, Google Display Network, AdRoll Retargeting, Twitter Promoted Accounts, Twitter Promoted Tweets, LinkedIn PPC, LinkedIn IO Display Buys, Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), YouTube InStream, YouTube InDisplay, YouTube InSearch, Google Remarketing List for Search, Google PLA/Shopping


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