The Google Comeback: Give Credit to Small Business

Google stock (GOOG) is on a rapid rise this week and up around 20% for the month reaching their yearly high. I’m not going to act like I’m a day trader, but some of the BIG influencers are pretty obvious. They are SMALL. Small business is driving the Google monster.

Google monster

Stop giving me money, Google.

I get $2000 from Google each quarter. Why? Because I’m a certified AdWords professional and they show me their appreciation with 20 $100 vouchers for AdWords. The catch is that in order to use the voucher, it has to be a new account. They are hoping that I act as their sales team and acquire 20 new customers. Not only new customers for me, but more for Google.

It’s a brilliant way to acquire small business customers.

What corporation is cash-strapped enough to jump at a $100 voucher? Not many. How many small businesses would like $100 of “free” advertising? Many.

Personally, I am tired of getting free money from Google. Another $2000 in my inbox. What am I supposed to do with that? It’s almost like getting the Penny Saver in my snail mail. Into the trash it goes. Just like I’m not going to spend time to save $0.30 on something I don’t need, I’m not going to spend time finding a client who will jump all over a free $100 of media spend.

As an online advertising professional who manages clients that spend upwards of $100k per month, why bother with someone spending $1000? It’s not my cup of coffee. But for many people it is. And that’s what Google banks on.

The real value of that $100 voucher can be 10’s of thousands of dollars for Google’s top line every year, for each small business account they have. I think they are finally realizing how valuable small businesses can be. And they are going after it very aggressively.

What else is Google banking on? Well, banking.

Credit to be exact. Announced today by Reuters, Google is now offering a Google Credit Card to businesses. Again…how many large corporations are in need of a credit line for advertising? Not many. How many small businesses could use a credit line for advertising? Many. Another brilliant move by Google to increase their small business portfolio.

google adwords credit card mastercard

Google AdWords Credit Card

If you need more proof, here it is:

Google Small Business Center
This is where small businesses go to get the full sales pitch on AdWords. Good info, but it is a sales pitch.

Google Small Business Center Forum:
Google leverages the power of the advertising professional knowledge base to answer questions for small business owners. I have answered a number of questions myself. It is a good community, but again, Google is using us to do their selling and support.

Google Vouchers:
$50, $75, and $100 vouchers are all over the Internet. Most $50 and $75 Google AdWords vouchers are from their display ads and emails to potential customers. Most $100 vouchers are given to ad professionals such as myself to use on behalf of new customers.

Help for ANY size budget:
“No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and our advertising network.” Free first time setup service: Call 1-877-721-1742


Good or evil, Google is looking out for small businesses. In times that are tough for many people in this country, small businesses are the driving force to keeping food on the table and the economy running. We have to tip our hats to Google for making their AdWords service more accessible to small businesses. But we also have to realize how much of a genius business decision it is to target the little guys.

Happy bidding, everyone.