Qualities of a SEM

Interested in Everything
I’ve marketed hard hats, concert wristbands, trophies, gas station nozzles, ear plugs, plasma TVs and water pumps. I now know way too much about every single one of those things. To write truly effective ad copy and target the best keywords, you need to know about the product you’re trying to sell.

Obsessed with Numbers
Maybe it’s a bit of the OCD kicking in. Maybe it’s a hidden need to stare at numbers all day. Whatever it is, I love to analyze everything SEM. Click through rates, bounce rate, open rates, return on investment, and conversion rate – they’re all exciting to track and improve. You won’t be able to measure and improve your campaigns if you aren’t addicted to the numbers. Plus, numbers will never lie to you. They are a trustworthy group.

Thinks Charts and Graphs are Sexy
Is that a data point on your line graph, or are you just happy to see me? Sure, you already love numbers and your brain is practically a virtual pie chart. What about your clients or your boss? They do not want to see a spreadsheet full of numbers. Dress it up! People love to see their numbers in chart form; it’s a scientific fact.

Intelligently Competitive
I grew up in a house with 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and played varsity sports all through high school. I know a little something about competition. It’s great to have a competitive nature in SEM. That’s what makes you want to have a higher CTR and Conversion Rate every month. It will help you succeed. However, you have to control it and pick your battles. You never want to get into a bidding war in order to be in a number one ad position. You will lose the ROI game. And that’s no good. More on emotional bidding.

Best Friend is a Thesaurus
Webster and I have had some amazing wonderful fantastic times! In addition to learning everything you can about the product, a thesaurus or the PPC equivalent Keyword Tool, is essential to finding more keywords and writing ad variations. You can never have enough keyword synonyms in an ad campaign. Customers use the craziest words to find your products. Make sure you’re bidding on those crazy words!

Good Enough is Not an Option
Wow, I have a 14% conversion rate! I look like a hero to my client.  I’m happy that she’s happy, but how do I raise that to 16%? What am I missing? Don’t beat yourself up, but never be completely satisfied with the current results. SEM is not an infomercial, don’t “set it and forget it”. There is always room for improvement.