Google Knowledge Graph in Action

Google Knowledge Graph in Action

I LOVE the Google Knowledge Graph, and you should too. It is becoming more and more woven into our everyday searches. You may have noticed it when searching for proper names or places. When you search a proper name, place or well-known fact, you get info on the right side of the search that saves the user at least one click.

Google Knowledge Graph information

I recently came across Slogans being indexed as a knowledge graph, which was exactly what I needed to find last week. I was trying to think of a joke about “Have it Your Way”, after the photo of a Burger King employee standing in lettuce leaked.

Brand Slogan Example:
•    Adidas
•    TNT
•    Burger King

People Example:
•    Ashton Kutcher
•    Brett Favre
•    Michelangelo

Place Example:
•    The Louvre
•    Mall of America
•    Willis Tower