Google Calculator Upgrade in Search

Again with the knowledge graph…I keep being blown away by the fun and functional instant answers that Google gives us. The Google Bacon Number calculator was an amazing time waster last week – but very cool.

more useful update to the standard calculator feature in Google. Previously, if you typed an equation into Google such as: 2+6 or 18/6, you would simply get the answer in bold black text under the search box. It was great. But it was missing functionality.  NOW – you get the same back-end mathematics function, but a much nicer front-end experience. In addition to getting the answer to your question, you get a fully functional calculator to use – right in Google. You can now expand upon your equation, or go into anther calculation right on the page.

*Bonus tip: Once the initial equation is done, you can keep adding onto it with your number pad! Just keep typing from your number tab and the page will seamlessly refresh with the updated equation and answer.

google calculator update

I had to spell GOOGLE for fun.