Google AdWords Seller Ratings Update

Another Google AdWords update spotted today. It looks like another beta that only impacts the display of an AdWords ad. The update is that they expanded the Seller Ratings extensions to a pop-out preview, similar to the Landing Page preview.

Maybe it’s more than just a new look. The preview also includes a second instance of your ad. Does it count as two impressions, once it is expanded? Does this count against your CTR, impacting your quality score? The same question goes for the current landing page preview.

What this does show, is the continued importance of Google Seller Ratings. If you sell a product or service online, you should be participating in reviews. It helps your CTR, not only because of extra ad real estate, but because it adds relevance and trust to the user…which could help conversion rate.

I wrote more about Seller Ratings in the past:
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Or you can read about it on the Official Google Blog.

New Google Seller Ratings preview:

AdWords Ratings update

AdWords Seller Ratings Pre-Click


Adwords seller ratings post-click

AdWords Seller Ratings Post-Click