AdWords DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) Checklist

AdWords DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) Checklist

AdWords Dynamic Search Ads Checklist


Now that Dynamic Search Ads are in a full released beta, the big question is, “Should I use AdWords  DSAs? “. The answer for many people should be no. If you give full effort and properly build out your paid search account, you probably don’t need to waste money on DSAs. However, there are some good uses for them and I have used them in the past at Best Buy. It performed well and was a cost effective way of managing PPC for thousands and thousands of products.

An easy way to determine if you should even explore DSAs is to complete the checklist below. Give it a try and share with your PPC peers. Dynamic Search Ads checklist

Fill-out the (below) checklist to determine if you should run DSAs. Once you answer “Nope” on 2 or more questions, stop, tear up the checklist in a huff, and continue to go about your normal AdWords management.

If you make it through with 1 or less “Nope”, congrats – start your DSA journey.


* View/Print/Download a better looking version here to share: AdWords DSA Checklist




1. Do you know what DSAs are?
2. Could you give a 10 minute presentation on DSAs to your pet? *
3. Do you have an unlimited PPC budget? Can I have some? **
4. No seriously, do you have some budget to spare, for a test campaign or for a non-ROI driven PPC campaign?
5. Is your account properly built out and are all of your top products represented in your AdWords account?
6. IF you products are not fully represented in AdWords, is it because of a lack of resources? (i.e.: you are understaffed) ***
7.  Do you trust Google to bid on keywords based on your website content? (Because their KW suggestions are usually SPOT ON, right?)
8. Does your company or client have a massive amount of products (over 20,000) or rapidly changing inventory?
9. Are you OK with dynamic ad titles being written by Google, based on your product titles and keywords?
10.Do you have a plan to scale DSAs if it works? A plan that is more strategic than simply increasing budget?


*If you do not have a pet, speak to the mirror. If you are a vampire, speak to a bag of O+.

** Doesn’t count towards your “No” total, cheapskate.

*** If you are understaffed, you can delete the No from number 5. You SHOULD build your analyst team, but in the meantime, maybe DSAs are your support team.


More information about Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads: