There’s a Lawsuit for That

AT&T’s response to their lackluster 3G coverage is a poorly done ad campaign that refers to their STANDARD cell coverage. This is all highlighted by a desperate looking Luke Wilson who throws POSTCARDS on a map of the US. How about spending some of those millions of dollars on expanding your actual 3G coverage instead of poorly defending yourself?

AT&T recently sued Verizon over the “There’s a Map for That” ads. Basically AT&T said Verizon mislead consumers with their maps. By only showing 3G coverage on the map, it appeared that AT&T had no service in any of the white areas. Verizon made some disclaimer changes, and most of the issues are smoothed out.

Verizon coverage map

Main issues I have with AT&T’s ad campaign:

  1. AT&T responds to a 3G coverage map with a standard cell coverage map.
  2. Luke Wilson throws postcards on a map. Who in the hell sends postcards these days? Postcards are as out of date as your standard cell coverage map.
  3. The ads ooze desperation and haste. This was clearly rushed through the marketing department in an attempt to save any credibility they have left in regards to their 3G coverage.
  4. Verizon nailed their “There’s a map for that” ad campaign. AT&T retorts with a poorly done ad. It makes them look desperate.