Google Multi-channel Funnels – Analytics Attribution

Finally! Google brings FREE attribution to the masses! Multi-channel analytics, or attribution has been around for a while, but it cost you money. Lots of money with Omniture, and some money with Acquisio…even though the later is in a rough beta test. Of course Google Multi-Channel Funnel analytics will be in beta for a LONG TIME, but it is an awesome and extremely useful tool right out of the gate.


Google Multi-Channel Funnels

What does this mean for search marketing and why would Google give this away for free? It means the world to Search Marketers, like myself. For years I have had to prove through reports, and through strong assumptions that paid search (PPC) lifted organic branded search and direct traffic. Now I have graphs, charts and even sexy Venn diagrams to illustrate the EXTREME VALUE of paid search. (eat that, SEOs!)

Google Multi-Channel Funnel Venn

Why does Google give it away for free? Because it shows value to AdWords! How many C-Level or Directors of marketing question your spend in AdWords? Most. How many times does a search marketer have a concrete answer for those questions? Not many. Google Multi-channel analytics illuminates the value of ad spend. AND guess who’s a fan of that, besides search marketing professionals? Google!

SO…that’s a lot of talk for no results shared. Let’s get to it.

What are the findings? Well out of 3 of my top clients, they averaged a 24% lift of Direct and Organic conversions that started with PPC! That my friends, is value. This is a win for everyone. Clients and C-levels get visibility to the value of paid search, Search Marketers get to spend more, and Google gets more money! I am one happy guy today. Now off I go to play around with this analytics feature a little more.


Happy Bidding!


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