Google Blue Arrow – Instant Results

Google Instant Blue Arrow

Google search results are showing a blue arrow. Why is this? It’s because you have Google Instant turned on!

To use this new feature in Google, simply use your up and down keys to move the arrow to the search result that you would like. Then press the Enter key and boom, you go to the result. I guess Google wants to save the pain of reaching all the way over to your mouse to click.

Now, using the other part of my brain, this is a pretty clever way of Google adding value to the first paid result! “You mean that if I bid for the first result I will get a little blue arrow pointing at my ad? Raise that bid!” Brilliant on Google’s part!

This INSTANTLY (pun fully intended) raised the bar for competition in the paid search market. Chumps like me who used to be happy bidding on position 2 and 3, will doubt themselves about that decision. Will the arrow raise CTR? Will it lead to more conversions? The only thing that is guaranteed to rise is Google’s revenue from the 1-3 position.

Happy bidding!