50 States Text List

Use this list of 50 states, in text (and capitals below) for any project where you need to easily copy and paste them. I searched everywhere for a simple text list to copy for a PPC campaign I was working on and had no luck. Hopefully this is useful to someone other than myself.

Google’s recent update has dropped this page down from 1 to 10 because they don’t think it’s relevant. Based on the feedback from all of you – this is the most relevant page out there. Please keep commenting and sharing so we can help more people save time with this easy text list. Thanks!

50 States List

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
District of Columbia
Puerto Rico
American Samoa
U.S. Virgin Islands
Northern Mariana Islands

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    I don’t see how it could be any MORE relevant to anyone who creates web content geared toward a US, as the content will, inevitably, have to be localized and this is a template that is needed and handy for just such a project and is such a simple template that everyone overlooks/undervalues until they find themselves manually typing out the same mundane alphabetical list of states….again…(Well thats been my experience lol).

    I would appeal that demotion, that employee was obviously incompetent. I gave this page a shoutout and a linkback on my new blog so far, and would be happy to do the same on my other sites for you


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    Maybe it does though, you were my first click and I don’t think you were #10.

    Why am I still here, I could have typed out my states by now…


    P.S. you should remove a state in the middle for those of us too lazy to look them over/count them.

  • Thanks, Jordon. Position one, page one when I searched “list of states copy paste” :)

    Just a heads up for anyone else copying and pasting into Google Ads for targeting: Make sure you target Georgia the state and not the country. When I added locations in bulk it pulled the country and almost slipped by me.

    Hopefully that saves someone a few bucks.

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