5 sweet letters: mkeUX

Later this month I’ll be speaking (poorly) at the 4th official mkeUX meeting. I’ve attended every meeting, and I’ve taken away more than just a bar tab. They are spilling serious knowledge at these meetings! I don’t work in the UX field, but every meeting has made me think and has taught me something new.

I’m in the business of search marketing, but there is enough of an overlap of skills and interests with UX, that it doesn’t matter what you do. This is not a UX-Only club. There had to be close to 50 web nerds at the last meeting – and they ranged from young-to-old, designer-to-coder, and nerd-to-dork. Quite the mix of interesting people. And if you’re screaming at your monitor that you’re not a dork, I’m totally sorry. I’m sure you’re out doing cool stuff with your laptop and not reading this.

So, with the help of a fellow search optimization nut, I will be merging the worlds of Search and UX on September 28th, 6:30pm at The Irish Pub. Yes, it’s THE Irish pub, don’t ask which one. Cheers!