Microsoft AdCenter Bing Calendar Fail

Today is April 30, 2010. I log into Microsoft Advertising adCenter to check an account. Then I click on the calendar to go back 1 day, to 4/29/2010. This should be an easy thing to do, but the option Microsoft gives me is pictured below.


They show today as May 1st. Can they predict the future? This happens all the time, I have to go back one month with the drop down (no arrows to make it easy) and select the date. But today is special! They took me all the way back to January. Bing – that was not easy!

I just thought this was a ridiculous flaw so I had to point it out. So…thank you Microsoft / Bing for making things so painful. At least your desktop PPC editor is decent. The online UI is pretty annoying, please work on it.